Quality Landscape Design & Installation

Professional Design. Natural Beauty.

Plant health refers to using the correct plant in the correct location, using quality local nursery stock and proper installation of the plant. CMS examines the site conditions, looking at soil type, sun exposure, moisture levels, and overall site size before selecting plants. Once plants are selected, CMS uses only quality nursery stock grown by local nurseries so that the plants we use are acclimated to our heavy clay soils and cold winters.


Plant function refers to the use of a plant within a landscape for shade, privacy, shelter from wind, preventing erosion, defining spaces, or softening sharp edges of a ridged hardscape or structure. Plants may also be used to promote movement through a space or stop movement to view a focal point.


Proper plant installation is vital for the successful establishment of the plant, but is very often overlooked. Installing plants at their proper depth, severing bound root systems, digging oversized holes and using quality mulch are just a few simple techniques used in successful installation.


Plant aesthetics is the key element of a CMS design. CMS takes into consideration a plants’ color, fragrance, texture, shape, size, bloom time and of course your own personal likes and dislikes in order to make a customized design that is both interesting and appealing throughout the year.




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