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Relax. Entertain. Enjoy.

If a pool and/or spa is part of your dream backyard or if you have an existing one that needs a new pool deck and upgrading, CMS Landscapes has partnered with Naperville Pool and Spa to provide you with every aspect you will need for your backyard oasis.

Functional & Beautiful... By Design

It’s always a good idea to provide more ample pool deck space in a certain area to encourage people to congregate in a particular spot. This is where furniture and tables are often placed. A barbecue area, waterfall, hot tub, Jacuzzi, or any other feature that naturally draws people to it should also be designed to be placed in the area that has ample space for congregating. Privacy and sun exposure should also be taken into consideration for overall aesthetics and functionality of the design. A new pool deck can be just as enticing as the pool itself and a CMS designer will work with you to have to two complement each other.