Quality Landscape Design & Installation

Plant Warranty

The below terms apply. Dead plants will be replaced at 50% of the original price. Trees and shrubs are guaranteed for one year after the install date with one replacement per plant, provided they have been cared for properly. Replacements are made with plants of equal type and size at installation. Warranty is void if (1) there is a loss due to a catastrophe of endemic or epidemic proportions (2) plants are damaged by vandalism, motor vehicles, drought, snow, ice or wind storms (3) untimely freeze (4) damage due to animals or pets or any other type of mechanical or chemical while in possession of the purchaser.
NO WARRANTY is given for roses, perennials, annuals, and other specialty plants.

Hardscape Warranty

All hardscapes installations are under warranty for three years from the date on invoice. CMS will make repairs at no cost to you if the repairs are necessary due to faulty installation.